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Partner: Deedee Chung

Instructor: Damjan Jovanovic

Year: 2020 Spring


“The Garden World” is a set of gaming simulations that aims at exploring a possible format of architectural aesthetic through creating an open-ended reality in a gaming engine.

Through referencing different images that showcase various natural environment, we have set up a gaming environment that resembles our ideal reality - a sculpture garden that situates on a lake and within a set of mountainous landscape.

The gaming engine has allowed us to create a world where forms like the sculptures, the hyper-realistic meshes of the nature (stones, vegetations, water etc.), the simulated particles to be set in the same screen, to form a high-resolution fiction-reality. This environment that we created has allowed us to host multiple regimes and representation within the same world, thus to experiment with different sets of pictorial aesthetic with a gaming media. 


The initial set up of the screen was a compilation of high-resolution data maps that we created from Houdini, a set of digital meshes/ 3D objects that we obtained from Quixel and various adjustments that we made on Unreal game engine. 

The next stage of the project involved setting up simulated particles that go on endless motions to congregate and move around this game setting. We chose a number of star-like objects of different sizes and shapes. While these particles congregate and move under random motions, they are given different illuminating and glowing material quality to contrast with the hyper-realistic environment that serves as the background. Eventually, the screen is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting regimes that are generated in the screen.


The final animation is a composition of cinematic shots from different perspectives. It begins with a close-up focus upon the sculpture in the centre of the lake and it transits to further shots that showcase a wider perspective of the screen.




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