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RE-Stock London Housings

Compeition board: BeeBreeders

Partner: Deedee Chung

Year: 2020 Summer

Result: 2nd Prize


The Two-up Two-Down proposes an alternative design to a traditional London terrace house. While we aim at maintaining the scale and character of the existing terrace house - in this case study, the Alexandra Road Estate- we also wish to maximise green space and to introduce additional public programs of different sorts into the complex.

The design aims at maximising the communal and co-shared space between each unit, public spaces with different functions (e.g. swimming pools, gardens, outdoor barbeque areas etc.) which locate at the rooftop and ground floor of the dwelling complex play an active role in engaging a more friendly neighbourhood.

With the concept of promoting the idea of a co-shared neighbourhood, which we see as one of the methods that can tackle future housing crisis, the proposal is a roadmap for mixing single-family, multi-family, and co-living units, above a common ground-floor plinth infused with commercial space. Ultimately, it is proposing a new answer to London housing crisis with a type of low-scale, and high density structure that departs from the often banal forms of social housing; and we hope to re-activate different areas in London, for example, less developed spaces along London’s canals, through proposing a dwelling complex that serves the needs for the local community.


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