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Competition board: Lyceum Fellowship
Year: 2021 Summer


Sited at the Governor Oliver Ames Estate Community Park, the pavilion responds to the need of re-establishing the “Golden Age” of a public park. The design proposal of this project aims at transforming the existing main house into a pavilion that allows visitors to gather on occasions / different events, it also aims at stimulating social events in the center of the park.

The design aims at maximizing the communal and co-shared space between each unit, public spaces with different functions (e.g. swimming pools, gardens, outdoor barbeque areas, etc.) which locate at the rooftop and ground floor of the dwelling complex play an active role in engaging a more friendly neighborhood.

The design of the pavilion respects the architectural language of the existing main house. It has window openings facing East and South, so as to provide views to woods and Shovelshop Pond, the roof of the pavilion has also been transformed into a platform for visitors to sit on and enjoy the view at far in the park. 

The pavilion has consisted of a cafe that serves as a catering kitchen on special occasions, bathrooms for visitors, indoor and outside event/ exhibition venues. With the revolving doors/ wall panels, it is also designed to enable flexible use of the interior and exterior space, thus different kinds of private and public events could also be held.


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