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Project: Arch Out Loud Competitions

Partner: Ryan Tung, Annie Yao, Daniel Nolkrantz

Year: 2018 Spring

In response to Mumbai’s future climatic condition in a hundred year’s time, the project utilizes the flooded landscape of the Worli Koliwada- a historical fish village at the coastline of Mumbai, and provides a self-sufficient floating city with a network of modular housing system and infrastructures that are mobile on sea and adaptable to fluid urban planning. The Terraqueous City is a project that ultimately aims at establishing a housing and urban planning solution against future climate crisis, while at the same time
conserving the cultural heritage of the indigenous Koli.

The project includes a collection of residential, commercial and mixed-use modules. While part
of the existing landscapes are conserved as fixed modules, a network of semi-fixed and mobile
modules also contributes to this mobile floating system. These semi-fixed and mobile modules
have included a set of water recycling and power system, fishing infrastructures, housing units,
as well as different public spaces provided for the local inhabitants. The modular system provides the local with a self-sufficient city that is adaptable to climate crisis including the rise of water levels and monsoons, while at the same time aims at reducing the social segregation between the rich and the poor in the long run.


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