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Hsinchu Lattern Festival 2020

Partner: Poyao Shih, Sam Wen
Year: 2020 Summer
Location: Long En Canal, Hsinchu



Reflection is bouncing back what’s projected on a surface. Transparency is allowing the light to pass through. “Reflective Dialogue” is a project of duality: one that uses light to illuminate itself, while the transparency and reflection of its form and material creates a parallel spectrum of illumination. In this contemporary period of catastrophic uncertainty, the interplay of these two dimensions personified in our pavilion constitutes a dialogue between self-isolation and social connection.

“Reflective Dialogue” aims to capture that spectrum of individual experiences into a cohesive structure that simultaneously embodies the independence borne of isolation and distancing, while interplaying the collective experiences of a global pandemic where everyone is isolated; together. We wish to give visitors coming to the pavilion a moment to dwell in their own thoughts, or corporately with family.

The pavilion is composed of three individual pieces and each pavilion meant to receive only two to three people simultaneously. The skin is designed as an abstraction of the cityscape of Hsinchu with hundreds of mirrors and transparent Acrylic-glass. Within the structure, the isolated viewer can reflect both physically and mentally: dwelling upon their thoughts and ideas within a structure that emits an intangible glow which others can only observe from afar.

While the viewer stands inside of the pavilion, the viewer is isolated and reflected on the mirrored surface and glass pattern of the pavilion walls. In contrast, the viewer from the other side sees the mirror collectively reflective a spectrum of light and colors that shift and flow across the environment. The dialogue between the inside viewer, the outside viewer and the city continues as the visible spectrum emanating from the transparent plexi-glass walls creates a connection: distanced, but real.


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