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Studio: Diaz Alonso Vertical Studio
Instructor: Hernan Diaz Alonso
Year: 2021 Spring


My project explores the potential of the synthesis of the natural and artificial qualities of the site at Rosario, thus looking into ways of fusing the two qualities together through various formal strategies. 

By looking into a set of stone objects in the beginning of the project, the formal properties of these stones are extracted. Simulations that follow natural growing patterns are also used to generate various forms, by combining these forms together, the resultant designs could suggest inhabitable qualities. On the other hand, through using methods like dissecting, carving and knitting, another set of objects that capture the artificial qualities are created. 

The proposed design is generated through the understanding of these natural and artificial growing patterns and logic and aims at envisioning the juxtaposition of “the natural” and “the artificial” in our built environment. 

By integrating these generated forms with mechanical limbs and supports, I also start to explore ways that I can incorporate architectural structures into my designs. These mechanical limbs vary in size, heights, as well as postures, in order to give them the freedom and potential to grow and posit at different locations through time. This is a response to the varying geological conditions of the site, the existing site faces risks of flooding and forest fire every few years, so my design also derives from the intention to include adaptiveness in its built form. 




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