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Project: CODE COmpetitions for DEsigners

Partner: Aikawa Mok

Year: 2019 Spring


Co-learning, referring to the concept of bringing groups of people together to learn, to collaborate and to construct ideas, is the key agenda behind our design of a future library. 

Sited within the University of Genoa, the project requires each team to propose an innovative design for renovating the existing library in the school campus, the idea aims at revealing our concept for a future library and re-imagining how can a future library functions differently in a digital age.


As a team, we believe that in a digital age, libraries of different kinds would gain more flexibility in terms of space organisation and more fluidity for information to be shared and transferred. We are proposing a library that provides space for accommodating various sizes of people and serves different functions including conference, group collaboration, 3D fabrication, study, information storage / transportation etc. The library makes use of cloud computing system to encourage efficient data exchange, it would also be equipped with AI robotic system as a platform for visitors to share knowledge thus learn from each other. 

We have developed multiple focuses when realising our design concept:

1. Cloud Computing System + Online Archive
 ↳ With an online cloud computing and archiving       system, mass number of information can be stored online nowadays. The library serves as a platform for  users to research different information on their global online interface. Users would also be allowed to order books and reading materials for pick-up and delivery.

2. Co-learning Space

 ↳ A railing curtain system is set up within the library to enhance flexible use of space.

3. AI Robotic Intellect

 ↳ An AI robot would be present and introduced to the library, it encourages users to discuss and have intellectual conversations with each other and with the robot as a new way of learning between human and machines. Events like mini forums and seminars can also be hold for different topics.

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