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Partner: Abdullah Tahseen, Burak Celik, David Seo, Hannah Mann, Ilaria Lu, Jasper Gregory, Kovarthini Sekar, Peter Kluzak, Ivan Chen, Yixuan Cai, Wenxi Zhang
Instructor: Herwig Baumgartner, Brian Zamora
Consultants: Matthew Melnyk, Jamey Lyzun, Casey Rehm

Year: 2020 Fall


Museums have pivoted in recent decades to serve a new purpose. The Vertical Exploratorium is an exposed storage of art that places all works on display. LACMA’s 135,000 art objects are unbounded by artist, time, place, and history, instead displayed simultaneously to offer a new way of viewing encyclopedic art of a permanent collection. Art’s coffin-like crate and storage are turned vertically to display a dense menagerie of LACMA’s collection within the thick interior surfaces. An exterior skin wraps the main volumes to construct a vertical park around the museum. The intention is to create a case for architecture and anticipate an architectural public landmark where visitors can indulge in different activities and forms of interaction with the building.

The DD project focuses on reconfiguring the structure for supporting various volumetric rooms in this 14-storey building, as well as establishing an exterior facade system that showcases layered graphic on the envelope of the building. 




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